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Clear Form State of Utah Department of Commerce Division of Corporations Commercial Code Fax Cover Letter Print Form To Utah Division of Corporations Commercial Code Fax 801 530-6438 Email corpucc utah. gov Date Pages Filing Type Business Filing UCC/CFS Filing Other Select card listed below Credit Card Type Credit Card Credit Card CSV Credit Card Exp Date Cardholder Name Billing Zip Code To Be Receipted To Contact Name Contact Phone Contact email Please Expedite This Filing Additional 75....
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This tutorial is to help you complete the facts template assignment if you look at the instructions it asked us to create a template of using a fax cover sheet that will go to the financial aid office at UVU to access those templates we're going to go ahead and open up Microsoft Word 2010 and then we'll go up to the file tab across the top then we're going to go down and choose new and then that opens up a template window over here now we're required to use a specific template we want a fax cover sheet and it says we're going to use the template titled fax cover sheet and then in parentheses professional design now we can do a search here and type in fax cover sheet or we can click on this category faxes let's go ahead and click on faxes and then we're going to look through and we see fax cover sheet and the one that we want to choose is professional design and it looks like on my computer it is down here it may be in a different location on yours be sure you look at the preview and make sure it's similar to mine before you choose that one once you find the one you're ready to use go ahead and click on the download button right here and it comes up here on our screen now we're going to go through and change some information up here across the top it has a company name a company address phone numbers back at those lines we're going to get rid of those lines since this is just a personal fax so we just highlight those let me show you that again come out to the side you'll have an arrow pointing back to the right see if we're inside the margins we have an i-beam if we move out to the left we have an error you'll click on the top line and drag down to the third line and then press your Delete key on your keyboard now we're going to update the information that shows up here in our other field now this is going to be sent to the financial aid office at UVU so here where it says - we're going to put in UVU financial aid office and then for the facts we're going to put in the number that's given to us and it is 801 8 6 3 2 3 3 4 and you do need to put the parentheses around the 801 and the hyphen between the 8 6 3 and 2 3 3 for their general office number which we'll put here next to phone is 801 eight six three four nine nine eight now we are going to send two pages so over here where it says number of pages we're going to put two and then when you have to usually put a comma and then put in a statement that says including a fax cover sheet for including cover sheet that just lets them know that you'll have the fax cover sheet and another document included now here where it says from we're going to highlight that and put in your name please don't type student name type in your first and last name then you're going to come here to the date picker and you can choose today's date simply by clicking on the Today button and then for our subject we're going to include our UVU ID number which I'm going to give you one to use and then we're also going to put...